Ms Ash

Dear Parents, Students, Guardians and other Parishioners,


This week we celebrated Harmony Week and it was lovely to see staff and students wearing the costumes of other countries and also an orange item to denote harmony. Harmony is only achieved when you bring all the values of our school into your daily life.


Our school values are:


We look after each other and the environment.

We use our choices to make this world a better place.

We are all valued and deserve a fair go.

We are responsible for our own choices.

We encourage each other to work and play happily.

Just as Jesus taught us


Harmony is only achieved when your faith and your actions are aligned. Our Christian faith, lived in accordance with our Catholic traditions, commits us to bringing about peace and love in everyday life.


We move, next week, into Holy Week. A time at the end of Lent when the church takes us from the high point in Jesus’ life, when his local community embraced him as their leader on Palm Sunday, to the terrifying lows as he was condemned to a death he did not deserve.


In our own lives we can see the same patterns appearing and just as Jesus would have been terrified as he sensed the desperate situation that was coming, we too increase our anxiety and fear when we see our lives coming apart.


So many things can impact us, the death of someone we love, a marriage breakdown, a redundancy. What makes the difference is a


belief that God has us in his care. Life will go on, God does not change our lives. We do and we do it better when we are open to God working in our lives. Life will bring pain but in that pain we are surrounded by others there to help us. We are always able to turn to God, the grace of God is there for all of us. The grace of God comes to us through those who support us and care for us.


Jesus was never abandoned by his Mother, she stood by him in the worst scenario a Mother could imagine. Jesus, tormented beyond belief still opened his heart to God, his faith was never abandoned. He asked questions, he was devastated, he was human. In his life is our saving, he teaches us the way to manage suffering. The hope that he had, the qualities he demonstrated right up to the end are a plan for how we too can get through the worst stuff that life throws at us. In questioning, reaching out in love without fear or retribution, we will get through our troubles. We keep hope alive by believing in the sacredness of our lives. That hope will lead us to resurrection.


Please come and join us next week as the children remember Holy Week, They will lead you as they pray the Stations of the Cross using their own art work. A class timetable will be sent out but if you can’t come to your child’s session, you are welcome to join one whose timing does suit you.


Next term is Winter Uniform Term!

Don’t forget that next term we change from summer uniform to winter uniform. The Uniform Shop will only be open on Tuesday next week as school finishes on Thursday afternoon. (At the usual time!) Many thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that run our Uniform shop!