Term Two Overviews from Specialist Teachers

Performing Arts – Level Overviews - Term Two 2017


In Term Two the students will continue exploring music and movement.  Using their voice and movement they will learn new songs and simple choreography.  The focus will be on safe dance practices as they explore locomotor and non-locomotor movements.  They will use all body parts and explore choreography all about dinosaurs.  They will improvise new movements and learn how their bodies move in space and with others.  They will be encouraged to respond to their dance, expressing what they enjoy and why.

Years 1 and 2

In Term Two the students will begin to explore Drama.  Using fables, they will learn about characters and roles and how this can be used to convey messages.  They will discover rich vocabulary and imagery, as they recreate or make their own fable using puppets.  They will explore their dramatic voice and the roles of characters to communicate ideas to an audience.  Through their own dramatic recreations of fables, they will come up with their own ideas why people make and perform drama, explaining what they enjoy and why.

Years 3 and 4

During Term Two the students will be introduced to Bucket Drumming.  Using their prior knowledge of pitch, rhythm, dynamics and tempo they will improvise and create music to share with an audience. They will be encouraged to improvise, rehearse and perform original drumming compositions and document their ideas.  The students will be focusing on team work, playing in a “Band” for the duration of the term, and reflect on their, and their peers, performances.

Years 5 and 6

During Term Two the students will continue to explore movement and dance as they finalise preparations for their Cross Arts performances.  They will be introduced to the choreographic device called a Canon and use their knowledge of Natural Disasters to create choreography.  All students will be introduced to safe dance practices and encouraged to create their own movement sequences.  Their expressive skills will be developed as they prepare and perform dances for their audience and continue to reflect on dance practices.


Dana Kroenert.




MDCT Term Two

Dear Parents,


MDCT will be very busy this term because we will have a lot of activities to get through! The level Ones and Twos will be focusing on designing their mandalas. We will base our designs on symbols from our Catholic faith so that the children can make a link between their creative expression and the religion that they follow. 


The Foundation children will build their knowledge of colour, pattern and shape by designing a shape picture. We will focus on identifying 2D shapes and how we could use them to create a work piece. I am also incorporating in all levels a focus on fine motor skills so that the children can have better control of their equipment.


Have a wonderful Term Two,

Kaetlyn Howe