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Host Families and Exchange Students


A number of Exchange Students from Italy, France Germany, Japan, Austria, Norway, Sweden and Finland are hoping to come here this July and August because they wish to study here for a term, a semester or even two (which would mean they would be with the family who chooses them over Christmas and the summer holidays) with  a family that would like to experience the differences and similarities of having an extra boy or girl  aged 15-17 stay with them while they enjoy the experience and feel it is worthwhile.


I’m hoping that’s you and your family, so if you’d like to give it a try for a length of time, can afford an extra member of your family at mealtimes and have a spare bed, share room or own, please call Klaus Schumann on 0472 771 785. (There is no payment involved as these are exchange students). Look forward to hearing from you or via an email.


Yours sincerely,

Klaus Schumann

SCCE Community Coordinator