Message from Mr Andrew

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This week our Mixed Basketball, Girls Softball, Mixed Tennis and Cricket B teams will be playing in the semi-finals of the summer sports season. 

The teams have all played well, won enough games and have a well-earned spot in the play-offs.  We play our semis and grand finals on the same day.


If any of our teams are fortunate enough to win the grand final they will be crowned the Noble Park District Champion of  2018.  They receive a pennant and go through to the next round - the Greater Dandenong Division grand final.  From there it is South Metro finals then the Holy Grail - the Victorian State Finals!


Our Year 3s to 6s started their orienteering program last week.  It is a short program we run every year as it such a great way to learn maths and run hard!  It is fun to watch those that are great runners but not so good at reading maps v those who aren't so good at running but are awesome map readers!   Importantly everyone's skills and ability to strategise improves together and we are able to chart their improvement over the weeks.

The running component leads beautifully into the cross country season which begins in Term 2.


The details of our Intra School Cross Country Cross are as follows:

Date:  Thursday 19th April

Times:  First race starts at approx. 9.30 am

Where:  Barry Powell Reserve.  

Who:  All Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 students


More details will be sent to you via FlexiBuzz and all parents are invited to come down and support the day.