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There is a lot going on in Inter-School Sports.  We have three summer sports teams still "alive".  Mixed softball have a Division final next week, cricket have their regional final in mid-November and our Rugby Tag team are playing in the State finals in late November.  


As we go to press, we have 4 athletes representing St. E's at Regional Athletics - Nyamaal, Timmy, Joseph and Ganjwok.  I would like to send a big "thank you" to the parents for their time and effort to transport the students to and from the event.  


And finally, the whole school sends their support and best wishes to Nam as he will be competing in the National Swimming Championships in Adelaide in early December!   


In P.E. this term, our Foundation students are finishing off their basic motor skills program with two handed striking (t-ball) and one handed striking (balloon volleyball).  Then we will go into our mini games of a variety of sports such as soccer, kick ball and netball.  This allows us to work with others and learn a bunch of new rules to play by.


Our Year 1 and 2 students are also finishing off their basic motor skills with striking drills using t-balls, hockey sticks and hand bats.  We will playing mini games of sports such as footy, soccer and netball.  All of these sports are modified and the focus is on introducing teamwork and learning fair play by playing by the rules.


Our older students from Year 3 to 6’s have started a t-ball/softball program.  In the coming weeks we will be fortunate enough to have a professional softball coach take lessons to further develop our techniques and game play.  The focus for our Year 3 and 4's is to combine basic skills such as catching and throwing on the run.  They will be starting to develop their strategies within the team environment.


The Year 5 and 6's will be looking at playing softball with their developed skills.  They will be learning deeper game strategies such as what base to throw to when in possession of the ball as a fielder and evaluating risk v reward when running around bases.  


Later in the term, our Year 5 and 6's will be working in small groups and inventing their own sport that has to involve a Frisbee.  Their game will be played by the other students in the class.




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Dean Andrew

Sports Coordinator