Ms Walker

Grandparents Day


We will celebrate Grandparents day on Monday 23rd October beginning with a special Assembly at 9:00am.  This will be followed by a tour of our classrooms and conclude with a morning tea at 10:00am.

If you have any grandchildren in our school, please feel free to come and celebrate this special day with us.


Grandparents day





With the beautiful Spring weather upon us, it is time for us as a school to change from our Winter uniforms into our Summer uniforms and wear our hats. All children are required to wear their school hats at both breaks and during PE and Sport classes. They must also wear hats walking to and from school. This is to ensure maximum protection from the sun.

‘No hat, no play’ is the rule so please ensure that your child’s hat is clearly labelled and reinforce the importance of wearing the hat this term.


Child Safety


Students must be empowered so that they are aware of how to keep themselves safe.  The staff have worked with Berry Street model to develop skills that create and maintain healthy and respectful relationships.  We also educate children about their right to feel safe and enhance ways to build resilience.  

Everyone is responsible for keeping children safe so we are always open to the suggestions from parents and guardians in improving our practice.


In order to build student voice in our school, one representative from each grade will be part of the SRC. This group of children will meet regularly to discuss child safety to ensure we are meeting Standard 7 of the Child Safe Standards. Children hearing the opinions and values of children is a great way to develop thought and challenge thinking.



Lorraine Walker