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Our reports for Semester One will be coming home with your child next week.  It is very important that you read the letter to parents at the front of the report as it is designed to help parents understand how to read each of the statements they will find on the report. It explains the 5 point scale that teachers assess each skill against as well as the level of learning that is expected for each of the skills.


The 5 point scale used is:

  • Not Yet Evident
  • With Teacher Support (your child is beginning to show some understanding of the concept)
  • Working Towards (your child is developing their understanding of this concept)
  • Skill Established (your child understands this concept)
  • Extending Skill (your child’s understanding has moved beyond what is expected).


Let’s take a look at a small sample of two students who are in the same 1/2 class this year.  The samples show some of the statements about how the students were performing in Number and Algebra.  You will notice that Student A has statements at the Level One and Level Two standards whereas Student B has statements at the Level One standard.  It is important to understand that the statements on the reports are personalised to show you what your child has achieved and what areas your child can focus on to show improvement.


Student A:


Student A


Student B:


 Student B



Rebecca Gage