Religious Education News

Next week, we will celebrate our Gift Giving Mass. This Mass is usually held on the Feast of the Sacred Heart but we had Progress Interviews so we had to move it back a week. Children and families are encouraged to bring a “gift” or donation (this can be clothes, gold coins, non-perishable food items etc.) to help support the St. Vincent de Paul Society, an organisation supporting those in our community who are less fortunate.


While we are preparing ourselves to give to the community, we once again are reminded about what a marvellous, wonderful gift life is! How precious is this gift of life? We are reminded now and again of the fragility of it: accidents happen and illnesses can develop suddenly. Even being in the wrong place at the wrong time can potentially take life away! None of us are immortal. We must make full use of this gift of life that God has given to us. Sadly, some people, for whatever reason, are unable to truly appreciate and live this life. At the same time, there are those who think they can live forever! But the reality is this: none of us will live forever – which is why every day we have on this earth is so vitally important. So perhaps the question for us during this week of gift-giving is this: Do we live each day of our lives as a gift from God?


Life is gift, all of it is a gift. The sooner we recognize this truth, the more likely we are to live with meaning and satisfaction and joy.



As we come to the end of this second term,  let us stop and reflect back over this term and all that we have celebrated and shared together.


We began the term in the Liturgical season of Easter and quickly moved into the preparation program for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and First Communion. As part of this program all families participated in Family Activity Nights and Liturgy Preparation Evenings. The children shared a ‘Special Activities Day’ here at St Elizabeth’s. We baked bread,  Mrs Ash was head baker and Miss Lim became apprentice baker! Congratulations to all the First Communion children.


We gathered together as a whole school to celebrate St. Elizabeth where we heard of the welcome and hospitality shown by Elizabeth to her young cousin Mary. We remembered and gave thanks and praise for all those who came and worked together to build this community, to make St Elizabeth's a joy-filled community where all are welcomed.


The Confirmation Candidates made their commitment during Pentecost to start their preparations to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.


Years 1&2 shared a beautiful evening of prayer and blessings.


Prayerful Meditation is an important time. We sat still each day as a whole school, we listened to a Gospel passage or prayer to help us become focused. We then meditated repeating the mantra ‘MARANATHA’. It was time we took to be still and listen to God’s message to us.


On the last day of Term 2, the whole school will gather for the Gift Giving Mass and during the mass the children are invited to show their continuing support for the Parish St Vincent De Paul Society through a donation. 


As we come to the end of the term is is time to relax and get ready to have family time in the holidays so we can all come back recharged for the next school term.


 “Come to me, all you who labour and are over burdened, and I will give you rest."

Matthew 11: 25-30.



Gift Giving Mass – Friday 30 June, 9.00pm


On Friday, 30th June, we will celebrate our St Elizabeth’s Gift Giving Mass. We think about God’s great love for us in gifting us with His Son Jesus, the Christ. We also think about how we can respond to God’s gift to us by giving to others who are in need. We are asked to bring, where possible, a gift of non-perishable food, warm winter clothing or a gold coin donation to be placed before the altar. These gifts will then be given to the St Vincent De Paul society to help them in their work of reaching out to those in need in our own parish community and local neighbourhood. 


Foundation  - non-perishable food or gold coin donation.

Years 1 & 2   - warm winter clothing or gold coin donation.

(Please ensure clothing is clean and in good condition.)

Years 3 & 4   - non-perishable food or gold coin donation.

(Please ensure the food is within its use by date.)

Years 5 & 6   - blanket or gold coin donation.


If you have something in the above categories, please send it along. The list is just a suggested guide for your family. Feel free to send along what is possible for your family.


We realise we have been asking for your support in many different ways to help others yet as our days grow colder and the nights grow longer we think about those families in our own community who are in need of a warm meal or warm clothes to keep out the cold. This is one way we can help them and be for them the ‘Body of Christ.”  We will join with the parish community to celebrate this Feast with a whole school mass at 9.15am. We invite you to join with us for this mass.



Sacramental News:


The preparation of the students for Confirmation is done together through home, school and parish.


Confirmation candidates have been given their ‘CONFIRMATION HOME ACTIVITIES PACK’. These are to be completed at home. The focus of the activities is to further develop the children’s awareness and preparation of the Sacrament of Confirmation. The completed book is due on Monday 26th October, allowing plenty of time to complete the tasks.


The school will also prepare the Confirmation Candidates with school based activities. These activities can be incorporated into homework as reading or literacy activities.


There is an expectation the Confirmation Candidates attend mass regularly throughout the year in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. A sign in sheet is available at the back of the church.





School supplies are very difficult for the children to buy as the families lack the funds to purchase them so they often go without. Thank you to the families who have been so generous with donations.


Maria Popowycz                                                                   Ianthe Lim

Religious Education Leader                                              Religious Education Leader