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Mt 22:1-10 “whomsoever you find invite to the wedding”


Don’t Miss the Invite

We all remember how much it hurt. Perhaps it was in high school and a friend told you that you were not invited to hang out at their place because another person, who didn’t like me, didn’t want me there. We have all felt rejection. We’ve all faced it. We’ve been the last person chosen for a team. We’ve been ignored at a party. We’ve sat alone at lunch. A friend has turned on us.
That is why the Gospel is such good news. God invites all people to a life full of friendship. Jesus told this parable to criticise religious leaders of his time who rejected his message. Sadly for them, they missed the feast. Jesus’ parable has two more important points. Nothing stops God’s party, and God tries to get everyone there.

That’s important to remember if life isn’t much of a party for you at times because you’re lonely or sad. During those times keep an eye out for God’s invitation. It might come through a parent who wants to listen and help. It might come through a young person who invites you to hang out with a different group of people. It might come during prayer, when warmth, peace, and hope soothe the pain that troubles your heart. It might come during that time you spend reading God’s word.
During those lonely times, don’t miss God’s invitation.

 Source: GPBS


October is the month of the Holy Rosary

The Holy Rosary is not an old practice banished to the past.

Instead, the Rosary is experiencing a new springtime.  

Without a doubt, this is one of the most clearly expressed signs of love that that we need when looking for Jesus and his Mother, Mary.

In our world, so varied, this prayer helps to put Christ at the centre.

Christ is put at the centre of our life today through the contemplation and meditation of his holy mysteries of joy, light, sorrow and glory.

The Rosary brings peace and reconciliation.

It contains the healing power of Jesus, calling on faith and love each time we pray the "Hail Mary".


 Hail Mary

Welcome back to another busy and exciting term!



School & Class Liturgies and Key Events:

We welcome all families and parishioners to attend school masses with us.

Friday 27th  October - All day

Year 6 Confirmation Reflection Day at Lysterfield Retreat

Friday 10th  November

Bishop Elliott’s Visit Confirmation

Sunday 12th  November- 1:00 pm

Confirmation Mass 1.00pm

Friday 17th November - 10:30

F/Year 5 and 6 Community Mass

Thursday  7 December- 9:15am

Whole School  – Gift Giving Mass

Friday 8th  December

Year 1 and 2 /Year 3 and 4 Community  Prayer Celebration

Tuesday 12 December- 7.00pm


Picnic 6.30 pm - Carols 7.00 pm

Thursday 14h  December- 9:15

Whole School  – End of 2017 Year Mass

Tuesday 19th December- 6.30pm

Year 6 Transition Mass

Sacramental News:   


There are many dates to remember in preparation for Confirmation. A reminder that the following forms and items are due. Keep checking for any new dates I will be adding as we get closer to Confirmation day.


It is important to attend mass regularly as part of Confirmation preparation. Thank you to the many families who have been regularly participating at the mass here at St Elizabeth’s. Remember there is a sign in sheet at the back of the church.



Confirmation timeline 2017




Date due



Parent letter ~ written to Confirmation Candidates

DUE NOW Thursday 21st  September


DUE NOW  Thursday 12th October

STUDENT Activity packs

Thursday 19th October

Saints Project

Thursday 19th October


Students wear casual clothing & bring own lunch

Friday 27th  October

Bishop Elliott’s School  Visit

Friday 10th   November





Family  & Individual Confirmation Photos

SUNDAY 12th  November 11.00am-12.15pm

Group Confirmation Photo

SUNDAY 12th November. Arrive 12.30pm,  Photo 12.45 sharp.



We are starting to collect again for our friendship school but we recognise that it is a busy and expensive time of the year for families. We are not asking for anyone to buy anything but to bring in things that your children may have grown out of or not using anymore and you are planning on getting rid of.  Please ensure it is all in good condition:~ 


Footwear that is in good condition    


Toys in clean and good condition (not too big as the need to fit in a 1mx1m box)

Summer clothing :~ Shorts, skirts, bathers

Summer hats

Books your children don’t read any more

Matutinao Elementary is always grateful for all the donations we send them. 

God Bless,  


Maria Popowycz

Religious Education Leader